Welcome to PES

The Perfect Engineering Services L.L.C is a group of companies which have proved their excellence in service of experience in different variant streams over a three decades. Our core activites mainly are in the Cement Products and Logistics, Engineering Sector, Constructions Services, Transportation & Logistics services, Automobile services and Information Technology enabled services.>>


PES has a reliable fleet of delivering raw material for construction sites. PES is a main supplier for large construction projects. PES made the quality and customer satisfaction as its the highest priority.


Star Adhesive Products (SAP) established in 2017 to provide verity of dry mortar products. The products is tested and qualified based on the international standard


The Construction is the first business that started by the PES group. It is having more over four decades of experiences, so that this is our prestigious business. More over that we have a good team behind for designing, civil contracting, marketing, building materials supply. If a customer approaches us we will give our maximum efforts and quality..


PES Equipment Rental is a reputable supplier of quality industrial plant and equipment delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions to a diverse portfolio of multinational and independent contractors throughout the Sultanate of Oman. Our extensive range of equipment from leading manufacturers is sourced from a long established supplier base, chosen for their integrity, honesty and reliability..